Mycardstatement is an online web portal designed to access your account online. If you have a credit card, then you can use mycardstatement. The mycardstatement website offers a brand new look and feel. It is optimised for viewing from any screen size, which means you can access the site from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

There are a lot of convenient and easy-to-use tools and features at mycardstatement. This means you will not need to re-enroll or set up alerts that are already in place. Also, any payment information you have set up will not need to be re-entered. The mycardstatement website is supported by all modern Web browsers.

  • To log-in you will have to have already enrolled at the mycardstatement website.
  • Users need to visit the homepage of
  • On the homepage, users are immediately prompted to Log-in to your account
  • Users are required to enter their username
  • If forgotten username, users can click the forgot username option at the bottom of the log-in box
  • Once details have been entered, Click Log-in
  • If you don't have an account, you can register for online access to your account.
  • Select the en-roll now button
  • Enter the full 16 digit credit card number and click Begin Enrollment
  • Enter the following 3 required fields: Name of Cardholder exactly as it appears on the card (this is the name on the second line of the card, not including the company name printed on the card), Expiration Date as it appears on the card and Last 4 digits of Company Tax ID.Click next.
  • Create Username ->Create Password (please note Password Requirements below) ->Enter Email Address ->Create Nickname (will display when logged into ->Click Enroll Now.
  • Select and answer four security questions from the drop-down options. You may be prompted to answer one of these questions when you log into the website. ->Click Finish.
  • Enrollment is now complete, and you will be returned to the homepage of mycardstatement.

Logging into mycardstatement for the first time since Enrollment
  • Enter your username and Click Login.
  • Answer the security question (you answered this question during the initial enrollment process)
  • Select Yes or No if the computer you are accessing this site from is a private device (selecting Yes will register your device, so you are not prompted with a question each time you log into the site) ->Click Continue.
  • Enter the password you created during the initial enrollment process ->Click Log In
  • You are now logged into the website and on the Home page.
  • See your most Recent Transactions and any Pending Transactions.
  • Viewing Statements ->Once you are logged into the website, click on Statements at the top of the screen ->Select View Statements
  • Enrolling for Paperless Statements ->Once you are logged into the website, Click on Statements at the top of the screen ->Select Statement Delivery Options
  • Submitting an Expense Report ->Once logged into the website, select Expense Management (only for those companies utilising Expense Management)
  • Split Transaction between two different charge accounts.
  • Check the # of transactions and the $ amount of those transactions.